Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper


Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.7.96401
  • Updated: August 31, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



5/5 - "Now that it’s here, I can’t stop playing it, which is remarkable for a title that is much more concerned with showcasing how much you can do within certain constraints instead of reveling in any kind of excess." - Gamezebo

Step into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman Sniper and discover the most compelling sniper experience on mobile.

Hone your strategic skills and orchestrate the perfect assassination kill shot.

Non-stop action as the zombie hunter in a true test of your skills and speed of execution.

Improve your skills for the perfect assassination as you uncover secrets and subterfuges.

Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful guns.

Boost your score and climb up the contract killer ranks to become the world's finest silent assassin.


94,530 total
5 68,382 
4 15,624 
3 4,372 
2 1,842 
1 4,310 

  • Hitman Sniper
    Jerome Ng Published date: September 23, 2017

    Great game! The only problem I have as with the majority is getting the free sniper. I've done everything and referred the game 3 times to my friends and one of them even bought it (I was with him when I sent him the refer via WhatsApp and I saw him purchase it) Honestly, this is a very fun game. But I can't even unlock the free sniper. I just now saw a pop up that said I will be getting one step closer to getting the sniper if I would just refer the game to a friend and he starts playing but I alr did and he even bought it. It's been hours now and I still haven't gotten it. Please fix this. I know you guys are good developers who can make great games but this is absolutely unacceptable. Please help me. Thank you. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Erik Baileygaines Published date: September 22, 2017

    Been playing for several months. Great time killer. No daily reset to bother with. Same level (different random levels would be nice) over and over but the challenge changes each time. Can play without paying. I spent a little to get a gun I wanted. Zombie mode goes from easy to less easy to impossible. Referee a friend to get new gun. Didn't work and I still play the game. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Wilson Sink Published date: September 16, 2017

    Spent a lot of time finding SEVERAL referrals none of them registered in game and support was absolutely zero help with zero effort to reconcile the issues ive been having. I recommend you stay away because it doesn't appear theyll help you with any technical issues you may come across. If this is any indication of how they handle in game events, seriously dont bother you time and money are better spent ANYWHERE else... Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Angela Gilmore Published date: September 21, 2017

    I Love ❤ This Game. The graphics are the best and its so real. When not in scope you can see the people walking 🚶 around and all its so cool. I just wish there was more time, that would make it even better... And when you shoot at the targets and miss they disappear, they should come back, like the guards when there hurt. That would be even more often... Sometimes when I kill all guards off and most of the targets the other targets seem to leave. But other than that the game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! MORE MISSIONS AND SHOULD BE ABLE TO GO BACK AND DO OLD MISSIONS.... Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Jimmy Pailin Published date: September 14, 2017

    Wow! This company rocks! Others, please do business with this company. Play this game. Less than 2 hours after an error was encountered, this company fixed it and even gave me something extra for my trouble. It's no wonder this is the ONLY company where I don't mind making an IAP. Customers are truly valued by these good people. And, it's a great game albeit difficult at times. But that's okay because it, and the firm's attitude, keep me coming back. It's nice to find a business that's driven by customer service and not mere greed. Kudos! Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Gary T. Published date: September 2, 2017

    Update 8/12/16: Finally the new map is here. Was getting old playing though the whole game several times. But I was getting better scores each time. I like the new map but snipping zombies, that's a surprise. Quit game issue fixed but in the zombie map when want to reload sometimes the shop will open instead of reload. Higher goals to reach in zombie map makes it harder to upgrade in game. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Ramiro Moyano Published date: September 20, 2017

    Hey guys, still haven't received my rifle, like a few others I read about. Please rectify. Great game that quickly becomes monotonous. I can't believe it's the same old map and targets for every scenario (both in Montenegro and death valley). Get some variety happening and you'll get 5 stars. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Paul Graham Published date: September 14, 2017

    Great game. Very addictive. Definitely worth the money. I have 2 issues with the game and they are that you can't replay a mission once completed and also the in game purchases are VERY expensive. You can buy the hitman collection on PS4 cheaper than some of them. Not acceptable when you already pay for the game!!!! Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Lego Lad Published date: September 16, 2017

    Quite possibly the best game I have ever played on my phone, absolutely amazing and engaging with graphics that are just beautiful for a mobile game, would 100% recommend, it's really gotten me into the Hitman series, considering I've never played a Hitman game until this one. 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10 just amazing game. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Crescent Ruiz Published date: September 1, 2017

    This is a very good game, even though if its just a hold-your-post game, its very good. The sniping, the slow-mo and rifle weapons, keep it up. Well there is one small problem...I can't seem to get the free sniper named "The Final Argument" I already shared a video and passed rank 3 and referred to a friend like 10 times, is it a specific app or its just a bug? Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    StarShadow Published date: September 7, 2017

    Definitely would feel lacking if it was a real game but as a mobile game for a dollar this was money well spent. As a strategic semi competitive sniper game you have to find ways to score the most points while still killing your main target. 8/10 worth the dollar Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Farzad P Bokdawala Published date: September 17, 2017

    The game is worth it. Just a suggestion. Is it possible to add new locations or blueprints to the game? Every level has the same structure, same building. It's becoming monotonous. A new look will attract more players. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Bond Amf Published date: September 15, 2017

    So the scoping out feature and how that control scheme is set up can be annoying. especially when you scope back in, if you dont tap dead center of the screen, it will scope you in towards the direction of what side of the screen you tapped on. E.G. i tap on the left side of the screen and it scopes in towards the left of where i was originally aiming besides that the controls are pretty servicable. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Adrian Hampton Published date: September 8, 2017

    Addictive game. Yes, the same scenarios repeat but they can be slightly changed based on approach. Wish it had controller support. Tapping the screen is intrusive and can cause costly mistakes. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Lord Pizza The Great Published date: September 7, 2017

    It's by far the best sniper game on android. It just sucks that 1 million+ downloads and some in-app purchasers isn't enough incentive to add a new campaign map. It gets really repetitive looking at the same map the entire game. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    David Staley Published date: September 15, 2017

    Its probably one of the top 3 best sniper games on mobile, for sure. Its not easy to win. But it's also not impossible, either. I do think the reload and fire buttons are way to close together. There's a couple of other issues that are so annoying that it burns me out and I have to stop playing for awhile. But I do give 5 stars. It deserves it. Nice job devs. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Von del Rosario Published date: September 10, 2017

    Hits and does it best! Having issues with claiming my Final Argument Rifle, I did all what's needed but it says I haven't referred and shared the video yet. What happen to Death Valley? Love this special gameplay but update ruined the offline play. We need more maps and scenarios. Please fix it and you'll get my 5 stars Thanks REALLY HOPE YOU CAN FIX MY our FINAL ARGUMENT RIFLE, DONE EVERYTHING ALREADY. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Scott Published date: September 1, 2017

    So much potential unfortunately not much content. Zombie "game" defines boring. Primary game is the same targets, moving the same every time, just different goals & IAPs in the $20-$50 range. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Ryan O'Neill Published date: September 22, 2017

    Incredibly addicting. This game is very well done and just challenging enough to keep my interest. The quality is among the best Android games. I'm not typically in to shooting games, but I took a chance on this, and I love it. It is very cathartic. I find myself doing "just one more challenge" until I'm up 2 hours later than my usual bed time. I do wish there were more locations, even at an upcharge. Hopefully a sequel is coming. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    David Myhill Published date: September 3, 2017

    Fun, and the challenges kept me coming back. You should know, however, that there is ONE SINGLE LEVEL. Same targets, same guards, same patterns of movement...and then when you try to get the "free" rifle at the end by annoying your friends with a referral, it won't give you the rifle. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Rendy Toule Published date: September 1, 2017

    For zombie survival mode, I would prefer the reload button placed on the lower-right side of the shoot button, just like before this update. It's because now I am more often to accidentally reload when I want to shoot instead. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    A Taylor Published date: September 21, 2017

    Love the game, have spent many hours working through the missions. It's been installed on my last 3 phones, both android and apple. My only complaint/observation at the moment is I am unable to win weapon blueprint pieces since I completed the game. I have reset the game back to stage 2 but am still unable to win weapon parts. Any help would be gratefully accepted. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    maulik sheth Published date: September 2, 2017

    the game is getting monotonous. all targets and guards move around exact way in all game. so you are just killing them the same way same place for all. missions. let them move around the map randomly Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    A Gummy Worm Published date: September 10, 2017

    This game should not cost money. There are so many free games with infinitely more content than this. What game that cost money has so many in app purchases? One that was clearly instead to be p2w instead of p2p. The whole game is just one level that is repeated. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    CrunchyToast Published date: September 11, 2017

    i love the game overall but i did not like how theres only one map.im only half way through the game so idk but it seems to me that theres one. I like the zombie feature really good graphics and gameplay and keep doing what ur doing Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    john gutierez Published date: September 25, 2017

    10/10 best game ever. to developer 1 problem.cant play zombie mode offline unlike prev.ver.pls fix it the next update. 2 i finished the game in top rank but cant have assasin rank.due to all are just prize money when you reset to chapter 2.no more prize to rank up. 3 dont have fb.free rifle must be rewarded for the top ranks and dont need to do stuff like sharing video and sharing it to others.this game is popular already.no need for that,not all can do it.just be fair for the prize who played it fair.hope next update will be ok. this is worth buying..good luck devs and hope we could see more exciting updates in future! Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    nelson aguero Published date: September 23, 2017

    Great game but sniper guns are very expensive to buy and i refer to all my friend this game but until now i cant get the final argument gun i completed all the task post video rank 3 all completed and the death valley the zombie game every time i play i need to download the files.not so good game from now im so very disapointed. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Sy Nicali Published date: August 31, 2017

    The only thing i would change is a "fire" button i dont like tapping the scope to shoot. Its not like theres a lack of space when aiming down the scope.. so maybe down the road you can make it an option in the settings Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Boomstick 921 Published date: September 1, 2017

    So much fun, controls are responsive, excellent time killer, very good graphics, and hardly any glitches except for a body having an extended arm because of the enviroment. Highly reccomend this game to anyone who enjoys staying hidden and shooting from afar. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Christopher Pilot Published date: September 2, 2017

    This future update introduced a major bug in the game. I've finished it a while ago so now I'm just competing on the leader board, but now when the target is alerted on the Montenegro map, he doesn't have to run all the way to the getaway car -- the game just ends in like 5 seconds saying that he escaped when he's just hiding. This needs to be fixed. Also, you desperately need to add another map. You can't just keep theming the same old map. That's pathetic. The latest update advertises a free rifle if you post a video, obtain the proper rank, and refer 3 friends. I've satisfied all of those, but the referral part simply doesn't work no matter which method I use (email, Google +, a Facebook). I think this game just gets worse -- not better! Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Jde junkie Published date: September 2, 2017

    I spent weeks working through the the game and now can't get augment as I'm having the same issue with the referral not being accepted. So disappointed. Please fix. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Tony Anderson Published date: September 14, 2017

    If you send the obb folder to another person that hasn't paid for the game, they will easily be able to access it and play the full version. Please add Google Play Services to be integrated with this game so there won't be any security breaches. That's why you will get a very low rating from me. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    tespit eng Published date: September 17, 2017

    No matter how many people I refer I cannot get that "free" Final Argument rifle.. I referred the game more than 3 friends and 3 of them got the game but it still says I have to refer another friend.. It's simply cheating the paying customers and it's annoying.. Fix this issue or do not offer bonus stuff at all, there's no need to annoy your customers.. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Nathaniel Ric Obra Published date: September 2, 2017

    I have downloaded already the deathvalley to play the zombie. But why does it need to be connected to internet just to click the play button why? Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Ekuseru Saga Published date: September 15, 2017

    Its like a console level sniper game on mobile. And its only 0.99 cents. It really is worth every penny. I would criticize its in paid apps, but it is optional. And this is a mobile platform. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Douglas Lees Published date: September 18, 2017

    A hitman game like the original with dead space type controls would be great. Keep away from the hitman board game on Android... The worst game I've come across in a long time Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Adrian Condron Published date: September 25, 2017

    This game now force closes every time i try to connect to my google play games account wich now means that i dont have acces to the weapons that I've bought or unlocked through playing the game. Please fix in a timely manner. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    kenneth whitney Published date: September 9, 2017

    The graphics and controls where good and so gameplay but I still rate u less than zero since I had like 5 or 6 guns relocked in my armarey as well as my coins from death valley... Not to mention that the free gun giveaway for certain tasks robbed me and didn't give me my gun even after I completed the tasks... Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Fy Ming Published date: September 8, 2017

    A bit boring only 1 map repeat and new zombie map.I suggest create more different mission maps and tagged. PLS don't let me feel disappointed with this sniper's game. Full Review

  • Hitman Sniper
    Zqual Published date: September 19, 2017

    Game is so enjoyable! Only thing, I wish there was a way to lock into sniper mode, I keep tapping part of the screen and coming out of sniper mode. Full Review